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Duty to inform as per Section 5 (1) E-Commerce Act and duty to disclose information according to Sections 24, 25 Media Act, Section 14 Austrian Corporate Code as well as supplements according to Section 107 Telecommunications Act and Section 25 Data Protection Act

Linzer Straße 40
4650 Edt bei Lambach


Tel: +43 7245 234 0

Media owner and publisher: Gartner KG

Company purposes: The commercial transport of goods by road vehicles in international freight traffic, warehousing, motor vehicle technology, renting of motor vehicles without the provision of a driver, commercial activities other than regulated commercial activities and commercial agents. Detailed information can be found in the GISA Business Information System Austria.

Executive Director:
Gartner Verwaltungs GmbH 
Company registration number: FN 25765s
State and Commercial Court of Wels, Austria
Sales tax identification number: ATU24879503
GARTNER KG is a member of the Economic Chambers of Upper Austria, Vienna, Lower Austria and Carinthia.

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